Seoul – Busan, Dec 2019

For a fast paced city like Seoul, 3 years is practically forever – which is how long I’ve been gone. So many things have changed, yet some things remained. This time, I was determined that I would look at my home town from the eyes of a tourist and also travel to a city I’ve never been – Busan. I wanted to travel light and see it right, so I ditched all my heavy photography gear and brought an XA2 and my iPhone (To be perfectly honest, all the film ended up being a luggage. Next time, I’m ditching film gear)

I wasn’t trying to shoot street photography so much. Rather, I just wanted to document what I saw. Some rules I made myself were broken (don’t photograph “boring” subjects like people looking at their phones or the back of a person) but I had so much fun simply walking around with a camera in my hand.

Line cooks at my new favorite Chinese spot back home
Night life in Seoul
Nobody Smokes Anymore #15

Not being able to control any aspect of the shot – including focus, aperture, shutter speed – except for iso was both a blessing and a curse. I missed so many shots due to technical errors, but I shot so much because I didn’t think twice before pressing the shutter release button.

Alley #0
This was an everyday scenery for me 10 years ago. One thing that changed is that we carry bigger phones now.
No rest for the weary
Busan #0
Busan #1
Busan #2
Alley #1
Alley #2
Alley #3
Old bookstore. It might seem random, but the owner knew exactly where everything was
why did he try to get to the other side?
For soju, bbq, and a conversation

I should go back more often while the door’s open for me